Sport InGround Champion

Sport InGround Champion

Sport InGround Grand Champion

Sport InGround Grand Champion

Sport InGround EazyFit

As low as £539.00
Sport InGround EazyFit

If you want to get fit quick, you’ll have all the room you need to jump over the entire length (220cm x 330cm) to do the perfect workout

Twinspring Gold have more coils making them more flexible and safer giving you more jumping comfort

Twinspring Gold give you a much larger ‘sweet spot’ for jumping, therefore a much safer jump

Twinsprings Gold’s springs are placed at an angle so can be extra long and supple without reducing the jumping surface in GoldSpring Solo springs on this model are longer than the GoldSpring Talent spring, making for very smooth jumping

BERG Champion’s have AirFlow technology

AirFlow allows 50% more air to pass through when compared to a standard jumping mat.

Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, resulting in higher jumps

The BERG EazyFit will last a long time, double coated framework and weatherproof PVC protective edge

The EazyFit has an extra wide (400mm) protective edge, even safer jumping!

Protective Edge UV-resistant Level 5

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